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Be a Voice of the Past

The purpose of the Voices of the Past is to help people use digital tools to effectively advocate for heritage resources.  This website incorporates news from online sources along with Voices multimedia content and applied knowledge case studies.

Digital media at its most effective is rooted in bringing together people of like interests and values to better one another and the societies in which they live, regardless of their location in the world. Instant, unfiltered access to information is its hallmark as is interactivity and freedom of expression.

Here’s how to be a Voice of the Past

Heritage is growing on the social web and there are many bloggers, podcasters and social networking enthusiasts making a difference. If you’re one of them, let’s talk about having you on Voices of the Past. If you know someone who is effectively advocating for heritage on the web, please make an introduction.

And if you share my passion to help advance heritage through online communication, we’d love to have you join us. Here are the areas I’d especially value your help:

  1. Interviews: If you know of someone who should be featured on Voices, volunteer to interview them for the video netcast, audio podcast or a written “Meet the Blogger” post. I routinely use Skype to record our interviews, but in-person interviews are great as well if you live near the person or meet them at a conference. Let me know what you have in mind!
  2. Blogging: Guest bloggers are always welcome. Let me know what topic you have in mind that fits in with the mission of Voices of the Past. You can volunteer to write one post, a series, or become a long-term member of the team.
  3. Production: Podcast and video editing experts are my heroes.
  4. Transcription: Voices of the Past prioritizes accessibility of content. If you have a spare moment, we always need help with transcribing.
  5. Interact on Social Media: In most forms of social media, you have the option to use tagging. These are keywords that help people find your content. When you use the tag “voicesofthepast” we are able to find your content and recognize it as news relevant to the netcast or shownotes site. Keeping that in mind, here’s how to support the mission of this site:
  • Upload digitized video from your heritage project/event to an online video site. Be it YouTube or another site, online video is one of the most effective ways to get your story out. If you want me to share it, e-mail here at the site as well. I’ll do my best to feature it.
  • Join the Linkedin Group: Cultural Heritage Outreach Strategies. There, we examine creative and effective means for growing engaged audiences that advocate for heritage resources. These strategies may include best practices social media, traditional media, events, and face-to-face interpretation.
  • Become a fan on the Facebook page. There’s a community developing there as well.
  • Follow on Twitter. While I focus on the impact social media is having on heritage at our shownotes site, the Twitter stream is the source for the latest news from the multifaceted heritage world. Feel free to message me there with your news and ideas as well.
  • Tell other folks about Voices of the Past. A bigger audience for the site also means a bigger audience for our content. It’s all about connection and communication. Thanks for taking that first step and just being here!

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