adds Voices of the Past to its Social Media Page. Sweet!

For a while now I’ve used Alltop to keep up with the thought leadership in the online world. I never imagined that Voices of the Past would be added to it.

But there we are! On the Social Media page with folks like Mashable, Chris Brogan, Liz Strauss and a host of other greats. That alone is incredibly awesome, but check out the neat badges they give you when you get picked 😉

Since this is a resource I routinely use, and believe you can benefit from as well, I’ve added a widget in the Voices of the Past sidebar where you can view the latest headlines from other social media blogs they feature.

If you aren’t familiar with Alltop, it’s an online directory that aggregates the latest headlines from top blogs and organizes them topically. You get all the news on each topic, at-a-glance, without having to browse individually to each website. It’s best described as a digital magazine rack of the Internet. You can then hover over the title of a post to read the first sentences and click to visit the blog. You can even create your own personal page with blogs that you pick.

It was founded by Guy Kawasaki who is best known as the original chief evangelist at Apple. Guy is a venture capitalist, and well-known author. In fact, I recently read (and am currently re-reading) his latest book “Enchantment” and highly recommend it for folks who want to create a presence people will remember, online and off.

THANK YOU to the folks at Alltop for giving major props to the heritage field by choosing Voices of the Past for their social media page. The heritage crowd is accomplishing incredibly creative things online these days. So proud to be an annalist for that legacy.


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