My hipster GTD folder form for keeping projects on track

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There are two major eras in my career: B.D.A. and A.D.A. No, I’m not talking about federal regulatory rules. I’m talking about David Allen, the guy who has empowered hordes or creatives like me to focus for two minutes at a time.

I first discovered David’s book Getting Things Done about three years ago. While a lot in my life still gets done slowly, it will get done. At the very least I know when to recognize that something is not worth doing or just not possible in the current circumstances.

The freedom this system provided ignited the spark to create something simple that has in turn given me even a bit more freedom. It’s been working for me (and even a few co-workers) for a while now, so I thought I’d share it. Just tape it on front of your project folder and enjoy mind like water!

Click the image below to download this PDF from my Google Drive account.

Hipster GTD form

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